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Miscarriage support with a midwife

October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. In its honor we established a miscarriage support program. It was originally started by Tourmaline Collective when the midwifery team saw a need in the community to provide emotional and physical support to those who were currently going through a pregnancy loss or had in the past. 1 in 4 women will experience a loss, and yet this topic is still under supported, not spoken about and most women return home with unanswered questions not knowing what to expect or do next. You are NOT alone!

This program is very simple, anyone can call the center at 858-900-2004 and set up a non emergent 30 min. in person or virtual miscarriage support visit with a licensed midwife. We will listen, answer questions, review what to expect, and offer physical support to help ease symptoms you may be experiencing.

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Box for Loss offers physical and emotional support boxes and a resource page with informative articles, tips, and other organizations that can offer help. 

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For your partner

We know this time can be difficult for not only you but your partner or other family members may be suffering as well. Please share this link with your support person or partner. It will give them some ideas on how to best support you during this sensitive time.

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