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Thrive Wellness Collective a 501c3, strives to make midwifery and holistic healthcare accessible to everyone no matter their economic status.These services are partnered with the education needed to  assure better birth outcomes and  lifelong wellness.



Pregnant women are in crisis right now. The pandemic has placed new rules at hospitals, many times preventing birthing women from having the support people they desire to have attend their birth. Soon-to-be mothers are very stressed out with the  prospect of having their child born in a high-risk hospital setting, so they are reaching out to birthing  centers like ours for support. We need your help to spread the word about this problem, create  awareness and help raise funds so we can help as many people as possible through the pregnancy  process. 

Thrive Wellness Collective, a 501c3, strives to make midwifery and holistic healthcare accessible to  everyone no matter their economic status. These services are partnered with the education needed to  assure better birth outcomes and lifelong wellness. Thrive operates from the Tourmaline Birth &  Wellness Collective located in the heart of Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA. Since we opened doors in  April 2020, we have already helped provide low or no cost services to over 50 families, and have families in need of support turning in applications every week! 

Having a baby can be a scary proposition for even the bravest women. New non evidence based protocols put in place in hospitals to control the spread of a virus, are now causing potential harm by creating fear, not allowing doulas or the support people the mother needs to feel safe.  For decades, non-hospital  births have been vilified as “more dangerous” than hospital births, and in most cases, that is not true. In  fact, in the past 15 years, out of hospital births have nearly doubled as more families become educated  on the risks and costs associated with hospital births and they understand the features and benefits of  a non-hospital birth. This shows a strong motivation of many women to choose out-of-hospital births.  

Unfortunately, lack of insurance or Medicaid coverage is a primary limiting factor for women desiring  out-of-hospital births. Our fundraising goal of $115,000 will provide at least 10 families with prenatal  care, delivery and postpartum care, and provide hundreds more with many other holistic treatments  

including Psychotherapy, Reiki, Physical therapy, Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractic, Prenatal body  work, Naturopathic visits, Breastfeeding education, Postpartum support groups, and Craniosacral  therapy. Additionally, we’ll be providing many free educational classes and newborn care packages. Please note that all services have been discounted to be able to serve more families with your  generous donations.  


Despite spending more on healthcare than any other developed country, the U.S still ranks 30th in  keeping babies alive, has one of the highest rates of postpartum depression, and has consistently rising 

maternal mortality rates. Thrive Wellness Collective believes we can help achieve better outcomes  through providing education, preventative and holistic evidence-based medicine, and midwifery care to the families of our community. We believe we can achieve this goal by making these vital services  available to families that otherwise would not have access to this type of quality care. 

In order to make a difference in the lives of families affected by the work of Thrive Wellness Collective,  it is vital for this year's capital campaign to be a success. Can we count on you to make a donation to  this important cause? By making a tax-deductible donation to our capital campaign, you'll be directly  contributing to healthier moms and babies. Additionally, you'll be recognized for your generosity as a  capital campaign supporter on the Thrive Wellness Collective and Tourmaline Birth and Wellness  Collective websites, newsletters, social media, and marketing materials. 

Please use the donate button below NOW. You can also donate via check, please make it payable to Thrive Wellness Collective. Our mailing address 4545 Fanuel Street San Diego Ca. 92109. Be assured that your contribution will be put to good use to provide help to families right here in our community. Thank you for your kindness and support. 




The Board of Thrive Wellness Collective

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